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apollo one

you fear drowning but i am water that can create life that is it found there in your mouth in you in me making love to you by just being close to your flowing fire your smile that grows flowers in hopes of one day being under your nose and feeling home again * i … Continue reading

lunar lakes

all the meaning in the world is found in the deep sadness of not being found in one’s hiding spot the kind that makes them want to just reveal to everyone how good they are but can’t for this is the game and to have meaning the rules must be sought * remember you were … Continue reading

kneel arms weak

you are the moon against the night not quite seen and never understood until i land in the reflection as a small feat of human ingenuity and careless poems that look for softness in the empty spots and after finding them reading some of lines i’ve bounced around to and listening to you bounce back i realize … Continue reading

going up, coming down

the following are two people in an elevator realizing how lonely they are and how worthless the realization is for no eye contact is made, the floor is reached, and nothing is said by either. * the moon in a lake cannot be saved from drowning only emptied into a glass that blurs back to a circle that still … Continue reading

tweet tweet

the murder crowds around the crow dead and muddy for they know that it is dangerous to be alive and to only squawk as a scared defense that is shared in a final release that is just as scared * i want music to swallow out the fall of summer into something that can leave … Continue reading