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toes and woes

the earth will stop dancing one day leading to won night but by then will you learn the music that i play lightly only for you and the world without ears will you recall the steps that it takes to take too it will you realize it is better not to be solo but to … Continue reading

a song

absorbing all light and eyes she radiates the deconstruction of self for the construction of i dressed in deep black lip stick that only the universe matches spreading into a nothing that is shared between us no matter how much i stare hoping for a shooting star and knowing full well that she is probably … Continue reading

bee flI

coming into becoming requires me to be i * the reed cries for your wet songs are not flowing like they did before being cut from the water where music was under the sun and alongside fish who know nothing of the death around but only spoke in a language that vanished in the translation … Continue reading

tweet tweet

the murder crowds around the crow dead and muddy for they know that it is dangerous to be alive and to only squawk as a scared defense that is shared in a final release that is just as scared * i want music to swallow out the fall of summer into something that can leave … Continue reading

whistling in eden

music is the closest thing to god for it goes up in nonsense of notes that make you feel something┬ástill among the cacophony and your own breath that silences if only to hear better * everyone wants to be happy and so few want to be downtrodden spit on left to be alone and despised … Continue reading