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plato’s would

we are all leaving including her who said she’d always remain by your side until nothing is left which is here now greeting you in soft openness that only a lover would know   * am i awake because i am still sleeping beside you in your dreams or because i am not * it’s … Continue reading

the silence of the heavens

what poems do you have left you must give yourself to them not because they will be good or right or even worth writing but because they will be yours like nothing else even if the words are borrowed from people long since dead even if they’re stolen from a future you will not make … Continue reading

tend to lend

when i was a poet writing poetry i’d have good things to say   about all the bad like how to kill your mother by falling in love with your father who would never want you anyways a fact that ruined your abandoned orphaned ma wishing only the best for you the reverse of what … Continue reading

why do why

do not ruin my heart   it is your home   do not wreck my love   it is yours   do not ask is it   it is it is a hope of surviving do not * we are the slow evolution of apes into we who devolved from the bustling trees and now … Continue reading

whatever’s left

i sometimes sit reading great poetry thinking what the fuck is this and i theorize quite poetically that everyone must’ve just got together one day probably a saturday because those are universally conceived as glorious and at a picnic with long sandwiches that could connect europe to america though there was a bit too much … Continue reading

alongside long

i lose my hat on the subway shuffling around midstep like a wounded dog trailing his master already ahead in a deep forest when a woman taps me before i race up to the heavens of the forgetful dead hands me my hat with a calm face a solo silence and i imagine this singular … Continue reading

let’s play defuse the bomb

there is always construction in front of the bar i go to to depress into the what is is what makes me order a drink close to paint thinner for i have gotten fat on other beverages and myself a giant guessing what’s next though the tv offers some clues of the apocalypse with child … Continue reading

The inside out

I am convinced that if there is anything like happiness, it is found in belly button lint. Take a look, and you’ll see clothes contained in a little hole that opens its hungry mouth at every moment. Press up against it. Have a person grab you close. Walk slowly, hesitantly through the falling leaves in … Continue reading