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empty fields waving

isn’t there a place where i can burrow myself deep and dirty in you without having to see others watching me hide in your shade like a sun behind a tree hoping not to burn those that need it like i soiled still and reaching for you against the empty space that suffocates the stars … Continue reading

and you who wasn’t

it is the barbarian who weeps to the moon that it looks so lonely whereas the city crashed into the hills like a flame burning all around contents itself with choking the night into corners where sex can mix unseen for as long as the shadows have no story the light will always tell too … Continue reading

a forest of one

won’t you teach the boys that there is nothing to learn in your voice of contrition and confusion after ghosts gave way to host a celebration to the violence that decapitated them staring there with eyes dripping hunger onto the floor where the boys play cops and robbers saying there can’t be a girl criminal … Continue reading

Salvation of a bee sting

Death will rattle so let’s breath fire to scare it away and leave smoke that lingers after we’re gone and after Death realizes we weren’t trying to burn away but instead trying to burn a way to something other than the ash we become * Salvation is a poor excuse and a whore of hope who … Continue reading