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i have thought of that dead writer one last time. i spoke to her softly, told her that her book has been read once more. not often or quickly. but during a summer long ago on a beach. the sun was right. the water was warm. and some of the parts were good even if … Continue reading

the small, sloppy life of i

don’t they know them sitting there laughing and kissing and smiling against the sun slipping into the comic strip of the subway windows that i am the protagonist in this tale of i   don’t they know i am a poem smoking and drinking that does not break but is nonetheless free   don’t they … Continue reading

the way above the subway

if humankind becomes obsolete let it be known that we tried to survive and that attempt ended us * make me make me into something i’d want to make me make * i do not believe there is anything like subway love for it rumbles and travels and is contained in a morning where far … Continue reading