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Cuba castrated

Dear dear, Today you leave. Where to, I don’t exactly know. In some ways, I don’t think you know either. That’s why you are going. To leave this stew you have known, one that has grown old and stale and familiar. I sometimes think about her cheating on me. I sometimes wonder if it was I … Continue reading

Feminism without women

I don’t agree with the following anymore and I don’t agree with my disagreement either. * Daily Dose: Feminism without women Published in The Silhouette, January 21 2015 Ladies, hold on to your knickers. Things are going to get messy for what follows in a pudding-like consistency is an argument for feminism without women. Listen. I … Continue reading

The universe on a snowflake

The following is neither art nor science. It is an opinion’s piece, an euphemism for custodial business on weekends. It is also inspired by Feyman’s “On Beauty” interview.  * Fitting the universe on a snowflake September 14 2012, Published in the Silhouette I’m sorry. It might be bad to begin with an apology, and it … Continue reading