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Why you should quit

The following should be acquitted from judgement. * Daily dose: Why you should quit January 9th, 2014, Published in The Silhouette I was told that if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right the first time. Otherwise you might find yourself wondering what the hell went wrong with your hands … Continue reading

Vaginal swabs and grand openings

The following made me sick. * Daily Dose: Vaginal Swabs and Grand Openings January 8th, 2014, The Silhouette It was the vaginal swabs that caught my eye first. In wire thin black marker, the words were embossed on a plain white box. The corners of the white cardboard were ruffled, a deep crevice bled into … Continue reading

The universe on a snowflake

The following is neither art nor science. It is an opinion’s piece, an euphemism for custodial business on weekends. It is also inspired by Feyman’s “On Beauty” interview.  * Fitting the universe on a snowflake September 14 2012, Published in the Silhouette I’m sorry. It might be bad to begin with an apology, and it … Continue reading