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a whole clock

i cannot understand why one would be bored if they are looking for life each day is another beginning and if they are hoping for death each morning brings them closer to the loving hug of dark * isolation is paradise for with it you are away from people who are the worst and you … Continue reading

cherubs and chair rubs

i wonder what it was like for eve to have adam first bite into her garden so deep that she was left breathless and felt that he hit her rib * sex excess for even in eden there is d * this is genesis 2 requiring recreation between born bodies and oceans that crawl out … Continue reading

Ready to fuck up heaven

Wake up each day as though you’re straight from hell ready to fuck up heaven if it gets in your way, and then, create paradise. * There was a poet I knew who paid for their living with poetry because she printed each stanza, each line and rhyme on a hundred dollar bill and the … Continue reading

Doggystyle in paradise

I smoke to see my breath at its best and to know that I am alive, at least for a while. Sure, a shorter while if I didn’t huff and puff but that’s the sacrifice of knowledge outside of paradise. * Hold nothing against me for I do not hold myself against you – I … Continue reading