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never forever

the following is the word to describe a cookie when it is already chewed, salivated, and lobbed in your throat, blocking the word. * we are whenever we are   we are wherever we are   we are whatever we are   however we are we not much longer * my parents made me how … Continue reading

cherry filling

i have given birth to myself three times though each was a premature laugh away from becoming a caterpillar that mistook itself for a moth or perhaps the white cotton dress it blended into after million years of evolution in the wild contained eventually in a closet of the woman who will wear it with a … Continue reading

a forest of one

won’t you teach the boys that there is nothing to learn in your voice of contrition and confusion after ghosts gave way to host a celebration to the violence that decapitated them staring there with eyes dripping hunger onto the floor where the boys play cops and robbers saying there can’t be a girl criminal … Continue reading


broken and breaking he bleeds he onto me through transparent blood that hasn’t yet breathed his life and that blocks his breath now in sobs of i could’ve done better you see i could’ve been someone if i only did see and you hadn’t been and i want to tell him that i barely feel … Continue reading

kicking for elbow room

love when you go don’t * i spent time trying to change your mind that i forgot how long ago it was since i changed my own   i think it was when i met you and promised me that i’d never let go even if now came when you wished there would be no … Continue reading