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peek a boo

can there be life after childhood because in cat years i’m already dead 24 and still stuck on the early stuff thinking i may have peaked when i was eight and on a hill with girls laughing at my joke about farts later gaggling about their anuses as starfish making me grow another limb but … Continue reading

mother’s day

you need to cut your hair son for it does not lengthen your looks   but mom don’t you know i am bits of you and you are the most beautiful bits of me   and son you must listen to your father for he knows how to be a man   but mom don’t … Continue reading

he has his

knuckles blocking out the sun for the man is pregnant with a fatherhood that suckles the honey dripped summer where he wants to be but not burdened with being and the nights that swallow crowing murder when the mother is emptied by him huffing a childhood nursery rhyme he can’t exactly remember but whose beats … Continue reading

Why the sky is blue

I have become my parents. They ask me questions and want help and in that shift of how and which remote and can you build me a website, they stop being my parents with certainty and answers like what is a lever for or why the sky is blue and I stop being them too … Continue reading