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but bit

the following is just a little bit of a lot. * you are weird but so is everyone else especially those who say they aren’t * i believe i have loved you since the beginning of since and everything since then   perhaps we were grafted from the same space the same star the same … Continue reading


i still address the past like an old friend who does not remember me and the bits of i i left dressed in them and the stillness we shared once we moved apart * he needs love (i am him) (i am need) (i am love) * all you need is needing all of you … Continue reading

how to burn wood

cut down all the trees and say finally there is room to breathe   hide in the darkness and say now you can see   sleep all day and say you’ve done too much now   empty your heart and say you didn’t expect to bleed so much   follow and say you feel bad … Continue reading