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meta static

food undigested on the chest breasts already pancakes they will laugh when reaching under the napkin of my body they the strong they the knowledgeable will the question caught on my throat survive the morning before they leave there is another joke that reaches the awake ears bending like flowers to the sun curtains closed … Continue reading

plato’s would

we are all leaving including her who said she’d always remain by your side until nothing is left which is here now greeting you in soft openness that only a lover would know   * am i awake because i am still sleeping beside you in your dreams or because i am not * it’s … Continue reading


how long is long how long is is how long is how how long is now when separated from you with the closest memories of watching you fold over like a sunflower in the shade that comes but not before the fall of two lovers caught in the cooing of bees who mean something to … Continue reading

ko, ok

do not suffocate full of wonder with what you are   breathe in knowing you are wonderful * silence does not exist listen to you now   how loud how full how totally unable to be quieted by existence you are * i want my life back but i don’t want to face what it’ll … Continue reading


sometimes i am not enough kacper for kacper which is unfortunate for he is the only person i trust to know what is enough for a guy like me for there are days when i see him laying still and helpless like a star imploding away buckling pain outwards with stretched fingers to the ceiling … Continue reading

thunder calls my name

i am told everything is about sex especially the untold and i want to say the first thing that isn’t about sex   i want it bad * to land to live lightning must first enflame the earth * i don’t think i can make it but luckily i don’t have to think to get … Continue reading