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guillotine on the mind

i am a bloody head stuck thinking of bundling veiny clouds into shapes of snow angels she used to leave before the thaw against seasons that shorten each year while i sink and forget how to swim and realize how long has it been since i have been gobbled alive by ocean waves tasted the … Continue reading

kiss of death even though death has no lips

they say poetry is dead and this is true for there is too much death in poetry and even more in them * catch it catch it the boy threw my way a spider who was put into a jar watched as it built a web with whispers of catch it catch it even though … Continue reading

smiling villain

tell me what i am missing, love, besides for my love left untold and not missing me * i have never met a poet just casual visitors to the tunes and keys like birds who sometimes get their songs wrong * smiling under the hood i cut from below he holds me after years of … Continue reading

All we have

I was left believing that I’d do anything for you but this is the left over bits of anything, and you have lost faith in us despite everything, which I suppose leaves me with nothing except this. * I want to write a line that would fix all of it but I only have this … Continue reading