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making made made

don’t fret to feel nothing is to be for it was here first still is containing the universe in ceaseless bounds that stretches like fingers to warm water to hold the stories that feel your pain of being * rejection is a gift it allows you the moment to reassess to reconsider to see where … Continue reading

answer? question!

as i as and age am i forgetting or being forgotten   i can’t remember which is worse and there is no one around to ask * i got rejected from my dreams again and it is no help that the dejection makes me want to sleep more * i want to be huge not … Continue reading

An answer

Look. You’re okay. It’s just another rejection. Look. You’re okay. You’re still typing, still banging off on a keyboard. It’s got to mean something, particularly because you wrote the word meaning and that means something, right? You don’t know. But you’ve looked and you’re still here, wherever that is. You wish it were someplace else … Continue reading