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A pier

You and him, Marriage wastes. I have seen the fumbling fall of my grandparents, the way that has been years since they have really spoken to each other, how their hands forget what it means to be held, though the wrinkles keep the memories of worn adoration. I have watched my parents tussle over divorce … Continue reading

dry wall

it is no wonder you are alone now like that flower that pulls on the other side of the earth begging it to turn around to hear the singing here of that spring now winter that love now loss that time your voice was said by the same boom of the beautiful universe before the … Continue reading

this is not a poem about you

i am ok surrounded by constellations of coffee stains i didn’t drink   i am fine not noticing the weather or the sun burns   i am content with ice cream chess mismatched strands of hair   i am incredible bloated here with nothing at all that pours out still   i am defiant against … Continue reading

a little little

i am ignorant of the future but i am arrogant enough to plan for buts * you remind me of armageddon armed again army ends * i have nothing to show for after 24 years except for me which took a lifetime to see * i am sure i will join the dead unwilling disjointed … Continue reading

straight to the waist

we need you the dead to remind us of our connection to the living earth * the day deadens into another like a bad but continuous date flirting for a night that lightens underneath heavy covers and kissing toes where among summer somebodies who hold winter in their pants despite remaining pantless with flowers embroidered … Continue reading

knight night

i am not looking to extinguish a fire i am looking to slay a dragon * i am the moon always waving goodbye yet never leaving circling life yet inhabitable and smiling a sun behind never ending darkness * i am hanging onto your lasting words while you move toward hanging onto lasting * don’t … Continue reading