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sometimes i am not enough kacper for kacper which is unfortunate for he is the only person i trust to know what is enough for a guy like me for there are days when i see him laying still and helpless like a star imploding away buckling pain outwards with stretched fingers to the ceiling … Continue reading

sunny with rain inside

we are here to produce babies of art that make us hear ourselves in our work * the worst thing that humans have made are more humans who do worse things * i keep producing poems for you keep poetry productive * against the backdrop of infinity sometimes i don’t know is the best we … Continue reading


i got it though it isn’t much but at least it’s better than it getting me and me watching i become too much to watch * when we feel that we feel no more we know that there is still when ahead whenever you’re ready and even if you’re not it goes on with us … Continue reading

welled worth

took me 25 years to learn how to speak well another 50 to write better and 75 to realize that no one gives a damn what is said * damned if i do damned if i don’t damned if i do i and damn if i don’t which is something i would do in my … Continue reading

A chimpanzee’s handshake

Happiness relies on other people but unhappiness relies on other people more for with them and the friends they bring that inhale cigarette breaths, you’ll find you are not as happy as they may be and if you are, then they aren’t, and how sad is that, friend? * There is no issue that has … Continue reading