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it is the silence i have been writing about the separation of twenty years during a life with another you cannot remember the spindle of sun caught in an apologetic curtain the yawn of a plant growing the sympathies of the cement for the sky who say all the same back the naked nights that … Continue reading


perhaps for a few years we all remain still with the fisherman gazing at the swimming serenity of the waters that have held beautiful faces before they swallowed a small sea because of the others who now stand awkwardly at first hands unmoving bats and balls reflecting a darkness that travels to their panting mouths … Continue reading

Silence aloud

There are three types of silence: the first is when there is nothing to say and the next is to say nothing and both are said here in the third type which is writing words for her though she’ll never read them * Writing’s an attempt to apologize for not knowing what to say when … Continue reading