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how to kill a bird that has been in a cage for many years

give it sky   how to break a cardiologist assured of strict causes for diseases give them heartache   how to destroy a worker proud of their job, their rough hands, their daily tiredness give their factory automation   how to suffocate a sinner give it blessings   how to deny the dead give them … Continue reading

hole through

look upon you like for lost keys and the open wound above that forever changes its bandages but still bleeds sun daily until that will go too into nothing and nothing again for i throat silence instead of a voice which has heard too much like that a voice cannot listen from bodies borrowed from … Continue reading

red real burrow

he offed himself on himself from a life where he often felt like something awful was missing until he found it quite naturally eyes rolling back into the offering of himself * i am in a streetwar between the sky and the ground and though the ground has at least two legs up on the … Continue reading

Why the sky is blue

I have become my parents. They ask me questions and want help and in that shift of how and which remote and can you build me a website, they stop being my parents with certainty and answers like what is a lever for or why the sky is blue and I stop being them too … Continue reading