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black and white

these the people that will inherit the earth floating alongside me and smiling with the teeth of hungry geese honking over an already white winter   above there will be sky smooth words spilled that it is okay that i smoke because isn’t life hard and aren’t things horrible and if you should ever want … Continue reading

lift off

they say it small almost a whisper to carve you into a beautiful statue after an earthquake that can finally see the day light but instead notices the rubble around that is shaped like its left foot   you are nothing * face bent towards the honeycomb sky dripping being into her while she suckles … Continue reading

Watching a dead guy die

I spoke to a dead guy and he said I’ve been waiting for you for a while now and I said how did you know I’d be coming and I flipped the page and he said I didn’t but I hoped and then I watched him die a second time * When I was younger … Continue reading

Love in the cold

The bus cradles me to sleep while the city yawns awake to rain that drowns the living and the dead with tongues that are never quiet hydrated and mouths that are never quiet full, but always stinking and always completely empty even with other people drizzling in and out like the bus that stops until I … Continue reading