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guillotine on the mind

i am a bloody head stuck thinking of bundling veiny clouds into shapes of snow angels she used to leave before the thaw against seasons that shorten each year while i sink and forget how to swim and realize how long has it been since i have been gobbled alive by ocean waves tasted the … Continue reading

snow sake

trying to keep the snow in the air with my breath but it melts with being and life * there is a sentence that when penned makes all alright except for the fact that many in the world cannot read * life give me poetry for poetry gives me life * the best way to … Continue reading


snow like lives lost looking for a soft place to land finding disaster a four car pile up blood whiteness ruined by those who can realize it while they realize less and see that all roads lead to an end and the sky above ends too * he’s throwing up because he’s grown up too … Continue reading

snow wons

the world weeps misery and snowflakes that are large full a testament to beauty repeating beauty landing on the land and dying on the beating tongue of the most beautiful girl in the world   is she weeping or is it just melting * against the faces i’ve faced you look so serious like an … Continue reading