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wrecked wild wretched witch

we are hideous but we have art   we are fiends but there are still songs   we are human but we can find buts in all even in the artless and songless * everyone is tired from everyone being tired so sleep in my arms and retire * everything is a metaphor for death … Continue reading

a song

absorbing all light and eyes she radiates the deconstruction of self for the construction of i dressed in deep black lip stick that only the universe matches spreading into a nothing that is shared between us no matter how much i stare hoping for a shooting star and knowing full well that she is probably … Continue reading

the figure of figures

she wants my body but it busts by being somebody else who allows himself to be her anybody   i ask who is that   nobody * write like no one is reading and know that at least one less is if you don’t * the saddest song requires a listening ear to make it … Continue reading