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but bit

the following is just a little bit of a lot. * you are weird but so is everyone else especially those who say they aren’t * i believe i have loved you since the beginning of since and everything since then   perhaps we were grafted from the same space the same star the same … Continue reading

an(y)other life

when i am by myself under the night sky i wonder if this solar system is the loneliest in its search for life and finding none or some other is who will never know what it means to be alone   my question goes unnoticed but the stars still breathe * save your change instead … Continue reading

a red dwarf

you come from stars that that have collapsed into energy that no planet has known before for there has been no knowing before you there collapsed and without a plan but still hoping that the universe will go your way even though it already has * you are the universe discovering itself with limbs that … Continue reading

kneel arms weak

you are the moon against the night not quite seen and never understood until i land in the reflection as a small feat of human ingenuity and careless poems that look for softness in the empty spots and after finding them reading some of lines i’ve bounced around to and listening to you bounce back i realize … Continue reading

makers making music

the following was written after a listen to the album on Voyager I, which serves as a goodbye from earth and hello to space. listen here: * i have listened to the golden tracks of Voyager I and i do not know what it was trying to say is it come for we have rich … Continue reading


The following was published in Incite, December 2013, during their time theme. It’s loud nonsense. * “Shouldn’t we be dead?” “Maybe we already are?” “I don’t think so.” “What do you mean?” “Well, I mean, I’m here, wherever that may be, and you’re there, wherever that may be.” “You sound so far away, though.” “So do … Continue reading