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clocked out, or to take down space

heavy with emptiness and the light of the sun i have burned your shadow between the breathes of my fingers trying to grab the still spinning rings of saturn or at least those pieces unfinished where life could be beyond the small here where you have left me with all the time i saved so … Continue reading

handy feet

curiosity mandates to look up at the stars rather than one’s feet but real curiosity is knowing that one’s feet were once stars and look how up they can go if only you learn to stand on your hands in ways stars never could * i bring the sounds left behind like dust that were … Continue reading

within without

whether it is justice or evil compassion or decay history shows that more than ever there will be more than ever and this weathering of contradictions will require more than ever before * when man learns that he is not important to when or the universe he will yell at the stars remember they do … Continue reading