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an ocean sunk in the middle where you left a deep blue that one could slip maddeningly in love with plump there where no one knew how to swim in a condo with a door too small and a bed too empty on the fifteenth floor of a city that sees its shore receding daily … Continue reading

the year without days

it was the year without days and it only took a few seconds where you were on the Chilean sands where she always wanted to go because there‚Äôs the mountains and the ocean and the two of you in between the blue and blue and her bluest of all despite being here finally here with … Continue reading


Iz dolphin. He comes out of the water, gushing and panting without pants. Nearly naked, maybe, with speedo snug and chest hair booming and my father, the dolphin. Iz dolphin. Favourite swim. And he does swim, back and forth, sometimes underwater, head not raising, breath not evident save for the ripples following him slowly, never … Continue reading