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any mall will do i promise

another pork in the night remembering she does not eat meat   after a restaurant with no choices and the leftover discussion of what it means to waste   food or lives or do you know how the animals are treated in their little cages with their little lungs   they are starved injected with … Continue reading

unlegible hot iron

like a cow turned red i must become a personal brand fat with the future slaughter to the masses who deserve entertainment and sustenance   look my soul moves like grass in the wind before it is chomped and consumed * Hi all. I post poems with images I’ve drawn here. It’s an Instagram account, … Continue reading


i feel i feel too much or too little which still is often a little too much * you are a vegetarian in your heart but you let me open it up and eat till my meaty heart’s content * i had this dream where i did not need to dream but had this already … Continue reading