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deed day

the war was won though i was still on the steps twenty years later barely beyond the bottom floor where a man was shot in the head by the earlier applause of progress he could not hear due to a bubbling mind that roared explosions at such a fury that it was shared with the … Continue reading

the sun has a dark side too

even after the most beautiful moment there is still the ugliness of everyday to tackle and the night that suffocates the open wound of the sun in bloody vengeance with more wars on the horizon * slurping joy drunk at 11 alright gods my ass on the rail once more kneeling with wretchedness and myself … Continue reading


A bird sings songs after a shelling as though the air was still safe and my position in the trench dug out from mud and men wasn’t compromised by the bird’s chattering and its look-looking my way to see if I would attack it though I seem a friend and there’s been so much killing … Continue reading

A good boy

The gun’s grown old and forgetful but I have only grown old because even now my hands are half-closed as though in an embrace and my eyes are narrow as though daylight didn’t bleed and my breath is still as though I need to stop someone elses’ lungs to start my own but I am … Continue reading

one eye closed

Sloan Thill is a man who is hard to reach and who promises to be harder next time. His house sits on a seedless patch of mud off the coast of Yacolt Burn State Forest in Washington, which he later boasts has the highest number of serial criminals per square kilometre. It is a small wood … Continue reading