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stand alone

you must protest you must defeat defeatism you must allow yourself to see that if this is it if this is the worst you can imagine at least it won’t be worse and that it is this where you are still you before you weren’t you a protester a defeater a you the most must … Continue reading

A slug in a snail suit

The poets below bellow that they wish they had met you before you billow into me because they meant every word for you and I mean everything that is left, which is only you and the space between me and the ground under our dancing, slippery feet that is swallowed by poets who use fault lines … Continue reading

Feminism without women

I don’t agree with the following anymore and I don’t agree with my disagreement either. * Daily Dose: Feminism without women Published in The Silhouette, January 21 2015 Ladies, hold on to your knickers. Things are going to get messy for what follows in a pudding-like consistency is an argument for feminism without women. Listen. I … Continue reading


I have lost a train for I never built a track – Only a tunnel that ate up the light inside. * I birth universes from the biggest bangs and the smallest ones too. I create us with our poems, stories, and books. I shape art for future generations for my shape is art of … Continue reading