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the following is not to be followed; i am just as lost as you * deep into night i only have myself when all others sleep dreaming of people who will keep them up like me to you already tired of how little i cover * language the tool to tool all other tools has … Continue reading


i understand you must reinterpret this world into yours to bridge the distance between the planets or just our arms which could be hugging but instead are supine as though from the first and last instance of solely human flight and stiffly cowardly trying to close the space between the single meaning and all of … Continue reading

within without

whether it is justice or evil compassion or decay history shows that more than ever there will be more than ever and this weathering of contradictions will require more than ever before * when man learns that he is not important to when or the universe he will yell at the stars remember they do … Continue reading


the following is a full cat playing with a dead mouse * i am applying the principle of parsimony and the simplest thing is to not have principles * some sum that i’m probably improbable   that much i’m certain of * absolutely no absolutes * allow all allure always although alignment aliens * is … Continue reading