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Fall, then Winter

I am thirteen and the winter is too warm and Francesco is dead. The room is a bland salmon pink, the kind that doesn’t distract or lend much to decoration. Pictures pasted on the walls of rainbows and dogs and what we want to be when we want to be smell of sun and staleness. … Continue reading


you are not winter though you may feel cold now as people look at you raising their empty arms to watch you melt perhaps on their tongue with your words still warm and still but know you are water that could sink this city after years of giving it life showing to those who learn … Continue reading

is it plugged in

when i was done with death i got up and sailed to the sea where there are bodies still not found still moving among the dead channels that will power televisions one day with laughter of a family fit into a couch till a green arm that knows no better after selecting a particular sofa and coming to … Continue reading


the following comprises the low in following and the fake prize in comprises * it is true that humanity is revolting at the best of times but how much better is each revolt towards the best and the truth each time we fail * these days i am not too sad which is making me … Continue reading


the following aren’t very good, which makes me feel better. * they always leave but the way they left never goes away * heartbreak must be hereditary for i never knew my father and my mother says it would break my heart to know why * i have seen splayed organs from a suicide victim … Continue reading