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Cardiac cannibalism

Lonely love letters lost in london

Have you never seen the sunlight stream over a dock; its waters too gentle to be disturbed and too indomitable that it could still sink a ship? Have you not put your ear to the sound of a human balloon and heard something more than hot air thumping? Lub dub. Lub dub. The echoes are louder than a gun. Do you remember the first time we met? Time stopped, cliches rolled on, and I tried to capture you in words. Silly.

Have you ever fallen in love?

You mean the very world to me, and if the world is flat, I’d go to the ends of the earth for you if you asked me. Space would become a frontier, not an obstacle, and certainly not something final. I’d attempt to trace my finger around your infinite curves, and only find myself back to where I started; I tend to get lost in your endlessness. I would hold your hand through thick and thin.

All that didn’t happen though. You didn’t ask me to journey on with you anywhere. Space blew up like a supernova; a supernova became a black hole. Now, the only thick parts are my sides and the thin parts are the threads of my heart strung together. All I ask is to remember me not as I have been over the past couple days, months, and years but as that happy person you met in the parking lot of heaven, K-mart, wherever.

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