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Literary lobotomy

Finally finals

As finals escalate into climax, I finally have something worth saying: don’t worry.

That is a little hard to swallow – I’ll admit it. Whether political science, organic chemistry, or physics, the phrase “don’t worry” doesn’t prop into textbooks and frankly, seems far from achievable. During this week, our lives are tantalizingly shown before us. If only we study, we will become someone. If only we read one more sentence, if only we wake up one hour earlier, all our dreams will be accomplished with a scantron card.

Now, this is dandy. It is a grand idea, surely. But if only it were true.

Realize this is but a stepping stone. It is one of many. Beyond finals, there are other finals, challenges, and tests. Life will not get easier. It will not get simpler. But at least it won’t get any harder.

I say this because here, right now, with books around you, and ideas floating like a convoluted waltz in your head, is the hardest it will ever be. After this, you’ll think of one phrase, and all will be set right.

Don’t worry.

If you are worrying, well, close that book and see if it hurts you. For what it is worth, I am writing a blog-post when I should be studying. That doesn’t matter per se and I certainly may just be saying this because I have matter on the mind, specifically mass spec – but if I look to all that I will face from the essays to the exams, I know that after the final pen has jotted its multiple choice and after I have handed in my last written response, it will be over. Life will roll forward. Time will creep onward. It will go on. All of it.

When it does, I will look back to this time, right now, and I’ll ask, what if I studied one hour longer, what if I woke up one hour earlier. My answer will be Iaughter.


Not because I’ll be successful. I won’t. Not because I’ll be rich. You can be all your riches on that. But because I’ll be at the bottom of a hill, no longer at the top, and I’ll have nothing else to do. In short, I won’t worry because in the end, it’s just another hill that one day, you’ll be at the bottom of.

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