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Literary lobotomy

Working man, working post

Unfortunately, I’m employed. Now this isn’t inherently bad. I mean, I do make money. But because I am employed, I have to invest time into other “works”. Here is one such work. It is the fruit of my collective labour, along with reporting done by writers much more gifted than myself.

While the criticism offered in the article may not incite a person to vote, hopefully it will spark discussion. That’s all a writer can hope for really. For what is writing but a conversation with a reader?

To be honest, though, discussion only begets more discussion. Any criticism offered, any hope for a better structure, will fall victim to debate, which in most political contexts, either goes nowhere or in the completely wrong direction. So while words are great, action is needed to truly make the MSU a better place. Each candidate addressed in the above post is suggesting a plan-of-action, but right now all the platforms are just that: a plan. One can only hope that whoever is elected stays true to their word through action instead of rhetoric.

Because in the end, words only go as far as the sound that carries them or as long as the page that they fall upon. This is no different for my page, my words, and this post ends here.

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