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Literary lobotomy

Kony 2012

The following was written when I did not know how to write, to know, or to properly follow useless activism.


I’ll admit it. I’m ignorant of a lot of things that go around in the world. I cannot say I have known war. I cannot say I have ever known overwhelming suffering. Unlike so many, I am fortunate.

Did I do anything to deserve this? Of course not. I was born at some place at some time. So were you. That’s what defines us. Where we were born and who we were born with.

Not anymore, though.

Welcome to an experiment in human development. Kony 2012. At its most fundamental level, it can shape human history.

There are things that must be meshed out if it succeeds. For example, considering the Lord’s Resistance Army is composed partially of children, if Kony is attacked, he will use those children to defend himself. Additionally, these child soldiers may even be beyond repair due to drug addiction and untold violence.

By advocating this cause, I am neither belittling those bitter realizations nor condoning support for support sake. And most of all, I am in no way accepting any stance of ignorance.

Some believe that this movement legitimatizes a home base for the US to battle “growing terrorism”, combat the presence of China, as well as defend American natural resource reserves in Africa. Some have even said that the Invisible Inc. Organization has misled people to think there is conflict in regions that no longer have it.

I am not sure on either account. But what I belief is that this generation, this new spirit of collective unity, from the protests worldwide to the numerous charities, can change the world.

This is not a political statement. It is not some triumphant religious manifesto. It is the spirit of humanism. It is transformation of the world – our world – for the better. We have to resort to our own means. In the end, humans have to make humanity more humane.

And this is one beginning in a slow process. Whether it is doing it correctly, or whether people are simply jumping on it’s bandwagon, is not for me to decide. Instead what I can say that the crimes Joseph Kony has committed are unquestionable, and maybe, just maybe, shedding light on the man, as opposed to the issue, is enough to spark a revolution of humanitarian action.

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