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Literary lobotomy

In the beginning, the middle, and the end

The following was drafted for my thesis. The final copy was heavily edited.


In the beginning, God created the Heaven and the Earth, which most consider a pretty good start in comparison to the alternative.

In the middle, God started to get a little antsy as he learned of places left unfinished since the time of creation. Blackholes, a finite Universe, the human mind – to those who would listen, God admitted that the pursuit of perfection may have gotten the better of him. Granted it was his first creation after all. For what it’s worth, he did not know what he was doing.

Most dawdling under his rule knew it too. They began to think of life as a functionless nightmare. They wondered what the big fuss was about and whose idea was this whole thing anyhow. In vain, they worked fruitfully to create many answers which led them to philosophies that made them no wiser than before. Through their triumphs and failures, they found out that their slightest action can affect the Universe, that if they died the Universe wouldn’t even notice, that life was meaningful, that life was meaningless, that science had the answers, that science didn’t, and they waffled on and on about different religions that were no nearer to absolute truths than anything else they had discovered previously.

In the end, God had time to reflect on all of this and a little more. He thought how it would all read. His world; humanity’s Universe. To him, it was a story of humour. It was a story of love. It was a story of justice and sense. It was a story of anything but. It was a story for all of mankind, all brothers and fathers, all sons and uncles. It was a story for all sinners and saints, all vigilantes and crooks. It was a story about a species joy and suffering, rises and downfalls, marriages and divorces, fields that become battlefields and symphonies that drown in gunfire. It was a story about basketball, too. It was a long story. It was a short story. It was romantic. It was depressing. It was all humanity knew and all they didn’t.

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