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Literary lobotomy

An epitath: Graduation quote

I’m old.

There’s no other way to say it. Here I am, four years after beginning this mess of a thing, and all I have after it all is that I’m old.

I say this because I know that whatever I write here, I’ll look back on to it when I’m somehow even older, and I’ll think oh what a fool I was and why did I type all that and man, oh, man, did I really just quote Disney again. My hands will shake. My eyes will bounce. And I’ll wonder who the heck I was back then.

But that’s okay. Because if you’re reading this, future Kacper, know that things aren’t much different here at the end of University. You have changed over the four years. From liveliness to laziness to everything in between, you found out that you didn’t know jack about being Kacper. You also didn’t know jack about being Jack, so at least there’s that.

Yet know that you’ve had fun here too, Kacper. Not always, of course. But overall, you were happy among others who were happy among you. So ensure that you thank them for that happiness. As an old geezer, remember those who helped you to where you are, wherever that may be.

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