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Literary lobotomy

Modern Sisyphus

The following was influenced by Albert Camus quote, “Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?”


Should I kill myself or update my Facebook? Maybe I can see how many likes I can get instead. That’d be nice. It could also not be nice, though. I could get three only. How many would it take to kill myself? Four? No, that’s too little. Five? Wait. What if I say: like this post and if I get enough, I will kill myself. That’d be a good idea. Positive psychology, or something like it. I’d get reassured by the number of likes I get and still update my Facebook and then after it all, when I see who are my friends and who aren’t and how both may like it or comment on it or say something to me because I’m saying something – or maybe more than something, I don’t know – to them, still do what I like. That’s a good idea. It’s the best of both worlds. Better yet, it can be the best of three worlds too. We’ll see.

Though I wonder if there’s Internet there.

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