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Spaghetti knots

Killing suicide by yourself

Stand in the middle

of a main train station,

loose count of all the

lives you’ll never know

and find out

how few people know

your life

despite the little while

you stood at the centre

of theirs.


Everyone thinks of

suicide daily

for to not

would be to admit

they are not living

and are not in control

of their lives –

a hopeless conclusion

which may lead to



It is reasonable enough

to think there is reason

on a road way that has lines

that straighten your swerving

during a schedule that you have

been told maximizes efficiency

even though you’re tired

from a sentence you read on some

document that has some

form and function that can be

reasonably recognized after a bit

of bumbling and stumbling and mumbling too,

but reason states that before the road

and the schedule and the sentence

there was nothing

and reason only came after like a

hopeless date drunk from another’s longing,

then came the

road and schedule and sentence

that drove on endlessly

to meet you

in their breathless exhaustion

like coughs in a vacuum –

an unreasonable misuse of breath.

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