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Spaghetti knots

Sniff of vulnerability

Scribbles was a tough pussy
with a pink bow that
tied a knot of golden tuffs
just above his lips
that would hover over
the bowl of water
while you watched
and he refused to take
a drink
because he didn’t want to
show a sniff of vulnerability
even if that meant he would
die of thirst
with his pink bow
falling into water,
soaking up the memory
of a line of liquid
that’s since limped
away and evaporated –
though probably,
you’d croak


I have gotten into alcohol
it hasn’t gotten into me
all that well, though,
which can be forgiven with
the money I spend
inhaling the stuff,
plants cashed on
the decay of plants
to decay into plants
on some other day
than today
if I’m lucky
and become a four leaf clover.
I wonder how I’ll taste, though,
how much people like myself
will spend to get into


How nice to submerge
yourself in warm liquid
in your bathtub
with candles around
and bubbles frothing
so that heat surrounds
as it leaves you –
the house wets with fire
and you dry with water

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