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Literary lobotomy

You’ll see

There was this boy, though there always is, and this girl, though there always is, and she was blind and he wasn’t so he thought she looked pretty nice and he promised the impossible willies of improvisation like that he’d make her happy and make her lovely and fix her eyes too, and she said she wouldn’t be her anymore with all those things, though being lovely would be lovely,  and he said he wouldn’t be him without her, and she said that didn’t make sense, and he said if you begin to understand it then we’d have a problem, and she said what kind, and he said the kind that requires two people to solve, and she said who, and he said me and you, and she said are you pointing at someone else and he laughed, said you’ll see, and so did she, eventually, and then he worked and she did too and they got older, man and woman, and worked some more, laughing less, promising more, and he got some money saved after being her eyes for a while, and he bought a treatment and she got the operation after much negotiation and the impossible willies of improvisation like that she’d be okay and that she’d see so much more and that she’d live anew and he’d be there, waiting, looking, and she went under and he did too quite accidentally – a truck hit him from the side on his way to buy irises  – and she woke to emptiness filled with things and she tore her eyes out a few days later. There was nothing left to see.

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