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Spaghetti knots

good is bad is good

i’ve been working

all night

on my knees

and with my hands

so it’s alright


if you’re tired

and want to go to bed

in my hands

and knees

that are worn

and wear with you


it’s always terrible to not

be able to see the tragedy

in terror like when

there is a death in the family

and you are there with your thumbs

in your pocket, fingers outward

for you are a mutated angel

like he taught you

with his hands now crossed

and useless

despite what the priest says

about the sky and those who

belong among shapeless clouds

that never asked to be a gorilla

or an elephant or anything other

than the coming of rain and lightning

in the right, good weather

that can bring tragedy

if it strikes in a lucky spot

like where he was standing

thinking of a joke

that’d light me up


there is no such thing as evil

for even villains

believe they are doing good

for themselves or the world

and so there is only good

that poisons and pains

good that wars and settles

good that leaves one wondering

if there is anything more

and whether being bad

might be a good change of pace

for all

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One thought on “good is bad is good

  1. I really like this. So powerful.

    Posted by Eve Messenger | October 1, 2015, 11:00 pm

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