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where do all the things go that were never said   where do all those dreams die that were never accomplished   where do all those people pass that we never turned into   where do all those endings close that didn’t end   the beginnings that never began   the middles that never middled … Continue reading

this little piggy went

look, you, look elsewhere for where else will you see new things besides in others who you have never met and who say how unique your eyes seem * give a hug to the apocalypse for it is lonely and devastated that so many people are leaving in the cracks its created * what lies … Continue reading

the grand disunification theory

the problem in most problems is that everyone is looking for everyone else * i do not know which is worse a cemetery that is filled or one that is not that wastes away the land allotted to the living who will one day need the space and the light * i haven’t written anything … Continue reading

cement glaze

been working for some company that works for some conglomeration that works for some network of businesses that isn’t really working for the earth because here i sit at my desk trying to think of new ways to make the way for the new and glorify things people don’t need by mixing it with things … Continue reading

holy, water

sometimes i get mad that i’ve made some wrong and worthless words that are in the worthless and wrong order because they go on too long and i am reminded that out there somewhere it all already exists i just need to find a way to bring it back from disorder to write in spite of writing … Continue reading

heavier than light

all are born bereaved stolen from what they know to what they don’t and still can’t because they have a job and an apartment to clean and friends to keep who don’t seem so worried with what was lost in their laughter and love and birthing that brings about the same bits of you in … Continue reading

reverse narcissist

snow drowning on itself when winter ends leads me to wonder how the floating pieces feel watching themselves sink into themselves very much like myself who does nothing more than blink at the day reflecting against the white slowly drowning too into the clarity of a puddle though i can’t swim * do more than … Continue reading

when snow melts

it used to be easy to write about you but now these words come hard and with endings and the worn use of used to’s * the world was white but your cheeks were red a display of you trying to warm the outside or just my insides with a joke that makes the clouds laugh … Continue reading

rocking wood

i am your grandmother’s armchair and also your grandmother with good advice and cooking if you let me let you if me to learn that your grandmother once wanted as you did and may have snatched me up if you don’t and the chair certainly will after a time of you doing and don’ting for … Continue reading

kneel arms weak

you are the moon against the night not quite seen and never understood until i land in the reflection as a small feat of human ingenuity and careless poems that look for softness in the empty spots and after finding them reading some of lines i’ve bounced around to and listening to you bounce back i realize … Continue reading