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Spaghetti knots

heavier than light

all are born bereaved

stolen from what they know

to what they don’t

and still can’t because

they have a job

and an apartment to clean

and friends to keep

who don’t seem so worried

with what was lost in

their laughter and love

and birthing

that brings about the same bits

of you in someone else

the loneliness

the loss

the lull

until it is over

without you knowing

whether you’ll ever get

it back from us all


anything is possible

which means maybe

nothing is

and worse

maybe less


i was waiting

to hear her

respond after

i responded to her

saying that

time took the shape

of a body full and mendable

that i felt her in the invisible

melting of passing

between my hands that

lose their grip

even though they grip nothing

now except for those moments

that shaped them

like when i felt her body

full and mendable

with her head on my chest

empty and straight

that rattled the response

of her weighting

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