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the following are snipped pets. they should be fixed, but i’m an amateurinarian. * never say nothing because nothing is never said * the axe and the woods are different yet are one and the same and the line between the two cuts * everything is a test of how much you want everything * … Continue reading

egg roast

the following are a continuation of the echo of yesterday’s yesterday which was tomorrow then, but now are a bunch of murmurs that could be the house because it’s winter and the wind wishes to remind you of the enjoyment it gave you in summer though you put in ear plugs, climb into the bed’s … Continue reading

chicken roost

the following are responses to poets who are long since dead but who sometimes answer me during long nights that it is okay, keep showering, eating chips from a grizzly bag, and reading for there will always be death and in it, poetry and the chipped showers of reeds from those lived days. * two … Continue reading

seeking what was sought

time is kicking through the neighbourhood that felt timeless in hiding spots where a house is constructed now with stranger corners that you can’t go into because you heard that the new people there don’t like meeting others and mrs guller who lived on the lot before might still haunt the place   not that … Continue reading

to spend a night

i wanted to leave something profound behind that made sense of all this mess before i killed myself but i didn’t have anything which is why i killed myself * a suicide is a period of life * hanging there like an inverted exclamation i wondered whether he yelled or was silent like before to … Continue reading

for never and never

for too long we go on to go on eating to eat sleeping to sleep until we have gone to be eaten for we sleep too long * i wrote this out of hand in the heart from the head to the human who has the hassle and the harm of the holes that hold … Continue reading

a leg of ligaments

the river carries my sadness but it too drowns in sky and sun * tender tendons tend on to muscle your way through your way to muscle * what you could do was once you couldn’t until you could do couldn’t * in the beginning there is the end which is why we begin things … Continue reading

the figure of figures

she wants my body but it busts by being somebody else who allows himself to be her anybody   i ask who is that   nobody * write like no one is reading and know that at least one less is if you don’t * the saddest song requires a listening ear to make it … Continue reading

a centaur that wishes to be a goldfish

recently, i am writing bits of change. this is so i can change into bits of writing when recent is not worth as much. * i wanted to become a doctor but i settled on a writer because then i could cure before the sickness and write-up * i should’ve been a good lawyer but … Continue reading

vegetarian meetings

a man wished to learn the meaning of life so he spent is life learning meaning in all its forms from only to find himself formless at the end with books piled high and a realization that his life was meaningless * she looks at me and i wonder if i am a chopped lover … Continue reading