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Spaghetti knots

chicken roost

the following are responses to poets who are long since dead but who sometimes answer me during long nights that it is okay, keep showering, eating chips from a grizzly bag, and reading for there will always be death and in it, poetry and the chipped showers of reeds from those lived days.


two roads diverged

in a yellow wood

and i felled my own



so much depends

on a red wheelbarrow

but so little depends

on the son beaded

with sweat

who carries

the colour

of days laid


quoth the raven


until it flies away

and there is

more nevers

to never

and quote


to be or not

to be

that is the answer

to a much bigger question

of what it means

to to

which a ballet dancer knows

without saying anything

but allowing her frame and skull

to move


our father

who art in heaven

and who could do more work

here but some dads

just leave like my own

which i suppose

can’t be helped

for he was copying

your image

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