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a full house emptied

the following would make for bad bathroom engravings and good tombstone epitaphs. the cemetery is a shithole with few visitors and worse company. * advice: add vice * it is not my fault that you are without it though i still quake when you look to the earth and expect there to be more underneath … Continue reading

hell o go od bye

i am very kind you fucker though you are nicer for listening shut up to a person as personless as me tell them about me you see, i’ve been many people tell them about us and have said goodbye to many people tell them how you killed your kin and have done many things you’re … Continue reading

knight night

i am not looking to extinguish a fire i am looking to slay a dragon * i am the moon always waving goodbye yet never leaving circling life yet inhabitable and smiling a sun behind never ending darkness * i am hanging onto your lasting words while you move toward hanging onto lasting * don’t … Continue reading

a relationship at a distance

her crane legs constructing the city with a meaning that wades through the water of air heavy with tears that have since evaporated into the summer shaved on her skin where she sees me shakes and turns to the sun setting into hesitant horizon * a good poem contains all of it for the poetry … Continue reading

more more

i’ve gotten into little bits of i by trying to chew a big bite of me. if only i forgot. * all advise advises opening your mind by closing your my-end * i will tell you how to feel how you felt before you felt you feel too much and told no one not even … Continue reading


she told me my future saying she couldn’t see herself in it or me which i tried to reply to but it was time to see the next customer before the smoke suffocated * there is nothing more than nothing more when anything seems like less * the most rebellious act you could do is … Continue reading

something something something something

the following aren’t much and that’s why they are too much to follow. * i have spent my life looking for more than my life and what i have spent * i am nothing but like a beached whale i still try to wiggle my legs that are useless and inside sucked up into the … Continue reading

every poem

i feel like if i’ve heard one good poem i’ve heard them all for a poem a good poem feels all from i * it was the red apple blossoms that didn’t bloom this season for a shadow was blocking the tree after burning with the fire of all civilization’s hate and ingenuity millions of … Continue reading

foUR enjoyment

the following are four lines for you forever long you need them, which includes when you forget. * close but not closed you bring me into your open arms where you once relaxed then tightened to let go * to patch a hole first you have to poke the needle * spread my legs like … Continue reading

a pro at con fusing

soon soon will not be soon enough * i am not looking for the light i am looking for the fire and the wood that carries the night * once there was a way to once but that has gone away since was was here * i’m stuck on word play that bends and mends … Continue reading