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that’s correct, person

i think like most people in that i make the mistake that most people think as mistaken as i * you need to know you are not you but a sum of others who care about your cares who love your loves and who feel as you feel when they are not cared or loved … Continue reading

an(y)other life

when i am by myself under the night sky i wonder if this solar system is the loneliest in its search for life and finding none or some other is who will never know what it means to be alone   my question goes unnoticed but the stars still breathe * save your change instead … Continue reading

a song

absorbing all light and eyes she radiates the deconstruction of self for the construction of i dressed in deep black lip stick that only the universe matches spreading into a nothing that is shared between us no matter how much i stare hoping for a shooting star and knowing full well that she is probably … Continue reading

the future prime minister

i am not worried for the future for there will be a time when things are so bad and depraved that the poor will have no more to eat than the rich my only worry is that when it happens there will be little meat and too much fat for sustenance * inspired by Zoe … Continue reading

bee flI

coming into becoming requires me to be i * the reed cries for your wet songs are not flowing like they did before being cut from the water where music was under the sun and alongside fish who know nothing of the death around but only spoke in a language that vanished in the translation … Continue reading

follow fire, suffocate smoke

what a crime it is sometimes just to be and ask what * to be human is to wish not to be human and to then to wish for more * i’m still learning that what i’ve learnt needs to be unlearned by being still i * feel it all for it all feels * … Continue reading

a whole clock

i cannot understand why one would be bored if they are looking for life each day is another beginning and if they are hoping for death each morning brings them closer to the loving hug of dark * isolation is paradise for with it you are away from people who are the worst and you … Continue reading

conjoined at the lips

  the following follow the long tradition of being afraid to lead. * we are never alone for we are all alone * the meaning of life is simple: do not demean life as simple * the only way to do is to stop saying that the only way to do is to start saying … Continue reading

planet b

she left me with whatever was left of me like night that needs morning to make it whole   rise baby it’s time to get up and get going down town with the day that has had a head start and thousands of years to prepare to make you   show it that it wasn’t … Continue reading

at most

she’s not rich but at least she has a job she’s unemployed but at least she has free time she is lazy but at least she can rest she hasn’t moved from her bed in weeks but at least the padding is soft she isn’t responding but at least she still cares about her looks … Continue reading