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Spaghetti knots

dab bad

the following is ruinous and rattles stars to look away and perhaps that dread is exactly the point of continuing.


the man dressed and with a cane

found me in a forest

and told me i needed to make something

of myself

for i was wasting potential

there naked and homeless

and i said why

and he said to be able to

make money

and i said for what

and he said to

build a home

have clothes



eat food

and go on vacations

and i said i was already on one

and he said but these trees here will need

to be cut down to make more money

and i said nothing

looking at the sun dying among the branches

being absorbed into breathe

and last words i’d never understand

though i imagined they were reserved

and giving


how beautiful is this natural world

they said

more people need to see it

they said

build houses around it to allow for flow

they said

interest has increased

they said

more houses

they said

still more

they said



till a single tree remained

and they created a museum

to signify what was

though the attendance atrophied over time

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