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Spaghetti knots

dangling modifiers

i am a transition

(no you’re not)

a man becoming woman

(brother, help a sister out)

like grass becoming bushes

(to give and get some sense here)

bushes trees

(to help and to change)

the indent in the paragraph knowing to move on is to damage

(you’re ruined, damned, not worth it, wrong, wrong, wrong)

and to try a new thought

(think about this)

that will connect you to all of it

(no one will approve)

which has only become by questioning


and disagreeing


and wondering what if there was more was

(if only there was)

that turned to is, to me, to now

(you’re turning away from you)

so i can be and not and yet still remain

(this will kill you)


(this will empty you)


(this will break you)

a bracket broken open to everything


space between our bodies

suffocated by gentle touch

and the sum of human knowledge

which is all there is is all there is

leading us together


suffocating in our shared breath

to find more space

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