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a letter to my friend

you, i don’t think you are in florida and i don’t want to think that you are, so before anything else, please let me know you are okay. not for me or my peace, for yours. that in the face of terror, you move terrifyingly forward. that you can become big. that you are big. … Continue reading

unfair air

and i said to the world will it ever stop and it said it did it did but the love before never does because against terror we can only move terrifyingly forward so that when there are whispers again lonely and afraid and attempting to unsee the dark heaviness that hurts always one can share … Continue reading

and you who wasn’t

it is the barbarian who weeps to the moon that it looks so lonely whereas the city crashed into the hills like a flame burning all around contents itself with choking the night into corners where sex can mix unseen for as long as the shadows have no story the light will always tell too … Continue reading

out work the work out

a sad jester realizes that we spilling laughter like blood and staring at them on the sole stage are the fools performing always * what is the point of happiness if not to blunt you into the realization of loss while the rest of the days will bleed boredom from the tampon of unfilled functioning … Continue reading

a forest of one

won’t you teach the boys that there is nothing to learn in your voice of contrition and confusion after ghosts gave way to host a celebration to the violence that decapitated them staring there with eyes dripping hunger onto the floor where the boys play cops and robbers saying there can’t be a girl criminal … Continue reading


i want to tell you that i too have no wants untold that i am complete like a snail shell with being but i sometimes feel left behind to empty and hole up with sands that come after the city is ground into its elements and glass remains a liquid slow moving wearing on your … Continue reading


it is horrible that there is no disaster that made humanity cave into that special lonely realization reserved for that third vodka shot that holds that horror that leaves you wondering why there is that many people in the world that serve no other function then to not notice that you are dancing with the … Continue reading

the end after the end

you have come despite a life that often doesn’t to try to find meaning or a break or a laugh you deserve and i want to give it to you with the beauty of now which is then which is which and the always confusing magic of attempting to know a really that’s already gone … Continue reading

do it before it does

if you are going to fail anyways why not try wildly if sadness seeks why not humble happiness if you’re going to die why not live before * chance is a promiscuous girl already married to a man who you’d meet one day unknowingly in the beauty of summer in an event you find out … Continue reading

flesh, fickle helmet

white stains like skulls on the bedsheets she wakes up buried beside me a miracle of morning clambering for coffee that she could choke on if only today didn’t hold the confusion of why aren’t you up yet you have to get going no one can know about this   her butt bends light with … Continue reading