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A letter to you

Dear dear, Only in tragedy do I write to you. I could bemoan this fact due to its consequently happy infrequency or perhaps to the very reverse where this means that there is still too much, too fluid perforating sadness, but I cannot. On this day, on this complete failure of the world I had … Continue reading

i know now now

i am afraid all the poetry has left with you and now, the remains of empty space broken and misaligned reigns * she said she was cheating on me and after a few moments spent trying to remember myself reflected in her eyes i said i was doing it too for i told her that … Continue reading

a window

your arms are the blistering paint of a window that leads to a chest where there is glass not much protecting you from my arms that could smash to see the outside the trees that soak the rain that is connected to an ocean that leads to another land which has my shadow waiting in … Continue reading

wrecked wild wretched witch

we are hideous but we have art   we are fiends but there are still songs   we are human but we can find buts in all even in the artless and songless * everyone is tired from everyone being tired so sleep in my arms and retire * everything is a metaphor for death … Continue reading

a tornado with a name

the following is an attempt to make up for the fact that hurricanes have names, while tornadoes do not, even though i have blown a few kisses for a while, watched the wind whirl, and saw what devastation would wreck from a spin of a dress. * one day the answers you seek will have been … Continue reading

cement airy

all of this is out of love because all of this is out of love * i am sorry but you are going to need to know that you must never apologize for being i which is you which is reflected in sorry little me * i suppose you don’t really want to be alone … Continue reading


you are not winter though you may feel cold now as people look at you raising their empty arms to watch you melt perhaps on their tongue with your words still warm and still but know you are water that could sink this city after years of giving it life showing to those who learn … Continue reading

she has gone for she has

the following are leftovers from what is over and left. * nothing ever stays except for the fact that you left * i must learn to be alone like you left me * kiss me like it is all you know how to do and when done it is all you knew * in the … Continue reading

when hen new h

  when there is nothing left you will be when all has gone you still are and when there is no more there there you remain yours and not theirs * i understand it all now because unknown and alone i realize i tried to give you what i could not give myself and what … Continue reading